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I like the sound more, is all. The plural of Birch (white + trees) Naru + ga + ga = Narugaga


I've also been working on Root Verbs and how those are going to be constructed.

The Root Verb endings are -sh, -k, -m, -b, -l and are all single morpheme. They can begin with any Consonant and follow a CvC pattern with occasional exceptions as CvCvC in some Root Verbs.

Examples are: -gush = to ingest, -mok = to percieve, -som = to move, -beheb = to know/understand (irregular), -kakab = to speak (irregular), -tsel = to be/exist, -shesh = to hunt/forage.

These Root Verbs can be used on their own or with modifying Preverbs.

Using this pattern, and knowing that not all options will be used, I am expecting about 200 Root Verbs to which the modifying Preverbs can be attached to create more complex Verbs.


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