Lightning and the Mosquito
 One day Lightning was very hungry, so he asked a mosquito what sort of food he had been eating. The mosquito did not want to say human blood; lightning looked like he had an enormous appetite and might eat so much human blood that there would be none left for anyone else. So the mosquito flew over to a tree and said: "See the pitch inside here? That's what I've been eating!" Now Lightning tried to eat this pitch himself, but he only succeeded in splitting the tree trunk. He tried again with a different tree, but he split that one, too. Poor Lightning! He's still hungry, even today, and still splitting trees.

a walk & such
I just went out for a walk with my girlfriend. We went to Little Lad's, a local vegan restaurant where we know the owner a bit. My girlfriend knows him better than I do, but in any case, he gave me a free vegan macaroon cookie, then gave us both a free movie ticket and some free homemade herb popcorn. We went by the movies but they aren't open until noon. We were thinking about going there later tonight or tomorrow at some point.

Following that we walked around town a bit. Portland is a nice city, kind of a big place for me, but small at the same time - just live here a while and you'll recognize or know just about everyone.  

OOH! And I got some Orange Juice, Salsa and some Blueberry Milk. I got them and it's fancy. So there, that's all, I believe I am done typing for now and going to watch something on


i had to do it...
Yes sa brotha, you are 95% Mainah

You know the secret of the E-store at LLBean. You probably have gone skitching, sledding and chopped a whole cord of wood while the snot in your nose froze.

Are you wicked awesome (from Maine)?
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Only 95% Mainah!? Ridiculous. I'm a wicked Mainah. Ah well. No worries.

(no subject)
I am currently sitting on the couch, it is probably about 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the apartment right now.
I'm kind of hot, not sure why, and running out of cigarettes. I do not know, am not sure, precisely what my goal with this livejournal will be; I am unsure into what it may evolve. 

I would imagine it will just be a place for me to post randomness on the internet, to find interesting LiveJournal Communities in which to read posts/with which to involve myself.
I'll likely discuss things as varied as philosophy and religion, UFOlogy, Glossopoeia/Conlangs, and music. Perhaps, also, I will delve into discussions on various books, linguistic research/theories, theories on anthropological and archaelogical matters, art, or another favorite of mine - botany. I am not sure yet, we shall see.

My eyes are blurry and I am rather tired, the blue light in the corner is mesmerizing and the white- noise from the fan is fuzzing my mind.

Perhaps I should be off to sleep.



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