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Most preverb-verb combinations are a fixed part of the lexicon; new combinations cannot usually be created
freely. But there are a few preverbs that are very productive and can be combined with many different
roots, and some roots will accept almost any preverb.
In some dialects preverb-verb combinations have been made which are not common in other areas, creating
words for actions which are not known to the entire speaking community but only to one dialect-area.
For example, for one clan of the Tselulka (meaning: We Exist,
working name for the Tribe of people who speak Lekmokulka)
who encounter a waterfall in their territory, where waterfalls are not commonly known in other areas of
Tselulka habitation. Say for example, many people climb in to a small cavern behind the waterfall and
this water-falling action which the water does is important to their daily routine.
Well, by now they have created a verb with some meaning such as
Sukwulekmoksom = water + to splash (fish + hear) + to move = (literally) To Water-splash/To Waterfall

MORE TO COME regarding tense, mood, aspect, etc. as I figure out how I want it to be...


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